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Crumpton TV was established in September 1962 by Murray & Freeda Crumpton in their garage on Maple St. in Greenville, Texas.  The store moved to Stonewall Street in 1963, then in 1968 moved to 2704 Washington Street, later in 1984 moved to 6006 Wesley Street.  Dale & Kay Crumpton bought the business in 1987 and expanded with AT&T Wireless and Custom Car Audio.  We outgrew the location at 6006 Wesley St. and moved to 8602 Wesley St. in 1997.  We opened our store in Terrell, Texas in 2000 and opened an AT&T store in the building located at 6006 Wesley Street in 2002.  We still consider ourselves as a family business; even though we have outgrown our own family, we still work as one big family.

Thanks to all of our great customers!

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